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Freshh Hawaiian-inspired shave ice on the mainland.



Marilou and I spent some time on Oahu in the early 2000's living a very humble life as baristas. Whenever we earned enough tips we would take a trip down the street to one of our favorite shave ice spots in Honolulu. We always kept it simple and stuck to our same orders. Why change what was already perfect? 

Fast forward to the present day. Before venturing into coffee, we always dreamt of owning a shave ice stand on the mainland. It was a way for us to feel the warmth of our old home in our new lives as parents. 

Freshh Shave Ice is an exploration of love and simplicity. Our recipes won't stray too far away from the familiar because your first experience with anything you love is everlasting. We're excited about this addition to the Freshh lifestyle of brands and can't wait to share the aloha with all of you.

- Antriks & Marilou 

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